Understanding Integrated Digital Marketing

In this article I’ll be talking about the basics of marketing and how to practice integrated digital marketing. Many digital marketers fail to understand that digital marketing is more about ‘Marketing’ than ‘Digital’ and as a result they get stranded in tools and tactics. Whereas to succeed in digital marketing one must closely follow and understand people and their behavior and then customize the strategies and tactics as per it. So let’s look at integrated digital marketing.

What is Marketing all about?

So let me ask you all, what are the first thoughts that comes to your mind when you come across the word ‘Marketing’. Is it something related to sales, creativity, I bet some of you might even think only people who are creative can be good at marketing? But what if I tell you, ‘Marketing is based on science and not just creativity’. You might think this guy has gone crazy or something, but this is for real.

You’ll agree once you finish reading this article. So in this article we will be looking at some of the basics of marketing, need for communication skills, traditional vs digital marketing, one of the best marketing funnels, integrated digital marketing, benefits of building your personal brand. So this article is going to be super fun and insightful for aspiring entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals.

The main thing which we should remember is that Marketing is not just about sales. One should not be just focusing on sales. Instead the focus should be on understanding the customers’ needs and perspectives, their pain–points. Once your product fulfils these things it will go on selling continuously without you having to market. The aim here should be on gaining the trust of your customers. Once you have got that your products will go on selling like hotcakes.

When to market and Why should I learn marketing?

This can be done by engaging with your customers on regular basis (online or offline), which helps in maintaining a lifelong relationships with your customers. That’s why we don’t hear much about Apple marketing its products, because they have already secured a strong position in their customer’s minds. Also we should realize that marketing should begin way before the product is created and launched. You should have some good positive vibes in the market which will grab people’s attention for your upcoming products or services.

 Now you might be thinking, yeah that is all fine, but why should I learn marketing? I’m the founder of this company, I might have a marketing specialist or professional to look after my marketing. But what I feel is that in today’s world everyone should have at least some basic idea of marketing and how it works. The CEO of a company must know marketing so that he himself can execute his marketing strategy according to his vision rather than outsourcing it.

Importance of communication skills

Now when it comes to marketing, having good communication skills is a must. In fact not just marketing, but in any field having good communication skills is really important. Because if you cannot communicate your ideas with your colleagues or your bosses than what’s the point in working hard to creating or knowing something. You need to tell the world that you know or you have created something.

Importance of Communication Skills

Now a lot of people tend to think having good communication skills means speaking fancy and sophisticated English, but that’s not true. You just need to express yourself in plain and simple English. We should remember that we are not trying to impress our English teachers, instead we are just trying to connect with our customers or audience.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Nowadays while reading about Marketing, I’m sure you might have come across something like Traditional vs Digital Marketing. Now let’s see what these two terms are exactly and how are they different from each other. Any form of marketing which doesn’t involves use of any digital platforms like search engines, social media, emails etc. comes under Traditional Marketing. It can be any TV/radio ads, ads in newspapers, face-to-face marketing etc.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Typically the reach of digital marketing is nowhere near to traditional marketing because TV and newspaper have got tremendous reach in India. If you have any low-end product which is of daily use for all the people you might go for traditional marketing means as they are relatively less costly. But if you want to specifically target to a niche of people and get results accordingly you must definitely go for Digital Marketing. This is because then you can analyze whether your ads are working or not and then optimize your strategies accordingly to gain maximum results. Digital marketing has relatively more benefits than its traditional counterpart.

The CATT Funnel

Now digital marketing is an ever evolving field. You need to be constantly updated with all the new trends in digital marketing. You might have come across many marketing and funnels strategies. Let’s see one of the most fundamental and the most profitable (in the long run) funnel i.e. The CATT funnel, which stands for Content Attention Trust Transaction. It states,

Wealth = n^ CATT, where n = Your Niche

Importance of Niche Selection to grow in digital marketing

Your success and wealth creation depends upon your niche. How dedicated and passionate you are about your niche. But just having passion and skills about your niche is not enough. The niche should also have an adequate market requirements for you to make money. Hence you should select a niche having all the three ingredients as shown below.

Ingredients of Niche Selection

Always remember once you have selected a proper niche, you have achieved half of your success there itself. Now is the time for you to model your niche as per the CATT funnel. You must have an engaging and timeless content keep the audience hooked for a long time. Always remember to focus on improving your content, because ‘Content is King’. Once you have built great content, it’s time to gain the ‘attention’ of your audience by running paid ads, SEO, social media etc. 

Importance of building Trust

Having your audience’s attention is very important because n today’s fast paced world people have become super busy and they hardly have time for anything extra. As they say whatever is in in scarcity is priceless, similarly having attention of your audience is priceless. Now to maintain healthy relationship with your audiences for a long period, you must build trust among your audiences. 

This can be done in various forms like communicating with your audience on a regular basis through emails or social media, sharing some engaging content with them or through some giveaways. Once the trust is built you can always monetize i.e. ‘transaction’. So that’s how this amazing funnel works.

Importance of Social Media

Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of various channels like SEO, social media, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Most of the marketing professional just focus on one or two channels and completely ignore the other mediums and they keep complaining that their strategies don’t work. They mostly fail because they fail to understand digital marketing from a holistic approach. All these digital marketing channels are integrated as shown below.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Let’s see how. The main thing you need to focus is your content. Then run ads on your free content asking them to join your newsletter, rather than directly running it on social media and search engines. Once you get people subscribing your newsletter, you go on building your email list. Then when these people start liking your content they go on to share on social media themselves thus bringing more new traffic from social media and more traffic means more sales/conversions. Thus we need to focus on this integrated digital marketing model.

Importance of a Personal Brand to master digital marketing

Once you have got yourself well settled in this marketing domain, the goal should be towards building your own personal brand. This is because people like to hear from people rather than from brands. You should be able to market yourself which makes you visible to the entire world, only then will people reach out to you. The best example of a personal brand is Elon Musk. He has much more following than Tesla, SpaceX and his other ventures. People value and follow his thoughts.

Now the best example to highlight the importance of a personal brand is Deepak Kanakaraju Sir. Today Digital Deepak is more famous and has higher brand value than his own ventures like Pixeltrack, OptinChat etc.

Now many people think that no one can make investments in personal brands and it cannot be sold, which is true. But there are many upsides to this as well. Like you can start many more companies from your personal brand because you won’t have any problems finding investors for your future ventures based on your personal brand value. Hence a personal brand becomes an influencer and brand ambassador for the companies they run.

Personal Branding


So to summarize everything, we found that marketing is really based on science and not just creativity. We should always focus on improving our content on a regular basis, only then can we monetize the content to our advantage. Also we should equally focus on all the aspects of digital marketing and look at it in an integrated way laying emphasis on the CATT funnel. Also we should aim at creating our own personal brand which can take you to an entirely different level. I hope you got to learn something new from this article. I would love to know if you go ahead and implement something from this in your digital marketing journey.

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