Presenting Sid 2.0

In this article I will be sharing what my 2.0 version will be like and how will it be different from the current Sid. So mainly in this article I’ll be focusing on what I goals and expectations I’ve set for myself in the coming 3-4 years. So for now sit back and time travel with me!!

Years kept passing, but Sidhesh has really managed to transform himself over these years. Confident young man, he is now self-driven, dynamic and a responsible individual fully focused towards his goals. Along with being a friendly natured guy, he is a detail oriented person who is always looking out for new opportunities to grow as an individual. Inspired by his role model Cristiano Ronaldo, Sidhesh believes even if he is able to achieve about 1% of his self-discipline and sheer consistency he’ll be a Billionaire. So he keeps working consistently on improving his skill sets on a regular basis thereby imbibing some of the qualities of his role model.

Always passionate about the Digital Marketing field, Sidhesh started his journey as a Digital Marketer through Digital Deepak Internship Program. He is now well versed in all streams of digital marketing as he got tremendous exposure by working in a couple of MNC’s and now along with his full time job, he is also a digital marketing freelancer and consultant.

In spite of juggling between his daily job and freelancing he never misses his daily workouts and morning yoga sessions. He believes that fitness is the most important factor in your personal and professional success. Being an avid traveler, he even makes it a point to go and explore various places along with his friends whenever possible. His ultimate dream is to take his family on a world trip very soon. Being a football player since his college days he also never misses a game of football with his friends on weekends. Being organized and dedicated towards himself helps him to maintain this work-life balance.

A strong believer and follower of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ he also joins beach cleanup campaigns. He always tries to interact with fellow students trying to start a career in digital marketing by guiding them in making better career decisions through his blogs, website or other social media platforms. This is his idea of giving it back to the society.

Thus being strong physically and mentally his strive for excellence is insane. Hence he always sets high realistic expectations for himself and makes sure he goes on to achieve them. That’s because he strongly believes in the lines of his favorite TV series character Harvey Specter,

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