Hey Welcome! I’m glad you checked out this page to get to know me better.

I guess looking at my website you might have guessed, that my name is Sidhesh Bhambid.

I am an Engineer by qualification but a digital marketer by passion. This is the field that excites me a lot!!

Even though I may be a newbie (well there’s nothing wrong in being one) in this field and not any top-level expert, even if I can inspire and help even a single person enter this field and make success, it will be a huge success for me.

But before diving into all that, let’s get back to the beginning.

How and when it all started…

Well I graduated in 2017 with no placements from college. Still I managed to get a job in a telecom sector.

I worked for about a year in private sector and then I got an opportunity to work in government sector on contract basis.

But the job there was not what I had expected it to be. I was not getting to learn anything new in it. I was doing the same boring stuff every day.

I knew that the work I was doing now had no scope whatsoever in the future and then I’ll have to start as as fresher again in the new domain.

I had already heard about digital marketing from various sources and I had started learning about it from various online sources. Slowly I developed interest in it.

Then I realized that just learning theoretically won’t benefit me, I had to practically implement those things (especially in digital marketing) to make money.

So I decided not to renew my contract and I joined the internship program by one of India’s top digital marketer Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a Digital Deepak.

That’s when I realized that this digital marketing field is not just very vast but also very dynamic and there’s a high chance of freshers getting lost in some wrong directions. This gets more tougher when you feel all alone and have no one to provide you with the knowledge and support you need.

I strongly believe that:

  • No one should feel stuck trying to figure out how to do this on their own.
  • I want to share the knowledge I have gained so far.
  • You need a community and support system to help you along the way.  I completely agree.
  • I know you can be successful; you just need someone to help you learn how things work and move ahead in the right direction.
  • I know in my heart that this is why I started this personal blog in the first place – so I could, in turn, help beginners just like you.

I enjoy and engage in Web development using WordPress, SEO and other integrated Digital Marketing verticals.

Currently I’m an intern at Digital Deepak Internship Program. I consider this program a game changer for any aspiring digital marketer because here you get to learn and earn from digital marketing at the same time!!

If you feel this is an amazing idea, click the link below and become a part of this Magic:


In this blog I’ll be sharing some basic tips and tricks, ideas, case studies about digital marketing from what I have learned and implemented so far.

If you would like any kind of guidance in any of the above, feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact Page and I will see how best I can help you!!

Always remember that Digital Marketing is more about Marketing than about Digital. So don’t just get stuck in between tools & tactics. Focus on improving your content, understanding what people want from you and accordingly plan and execute your strategies. Along with time I have started feeling and strongly believing in this.

So that’s enough about me, now its your turn to go out there and shine in the digital world!!



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